The most immersive and narrative-driven escape rooms in Colorado Springs!

Can you escape before time runs out?


Are you tired of looking for an escape room and just finding the same rooms and franchises over and over?
Well, look no further….21 Keys Escapes has 100% UNIQUE CONTENT and some of the best escape rooms in Colorado Springs!
Most importantly, we never purchase our games from outside vendors or franchises.
You are guaranteed to be locked in with a unique combination of puzzles and storytelling you have never seen before!

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Our Escape Rooms are PRIVATE so it will only be your group!

Are you up for the challenge? Choose your adventure wisely…


The Speakeasy

Recover the bookie’s Ledger and lock Five-Minute Freddie up for good.

Participants: 8 Maximum
Difficulty: DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockEmptyDifficultyLockEmptyDifficultyLockEmpty


The rumors about the old asylum aren’t true, are they? Guess you should check it out for yourselves…

Participants: 6 Maximum
Difficulty:   DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockHalfDifficultyLockEmptyDifficultyLockEmpty


The Rival

Secure Tesla’s plans before Thomas Edison can steal them!

Participants: 8 Maximum
Difficulty: DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockHalfDifficultyLockEmptyDifficultyLockEmpty



You found the derailed train car, but can you recover the treasure?

Participants: 6 Maximum
Difficulty:  DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockEmptyDifficultyLockEmpty


Project Iceworm

Can you neutralize the nuclear warheads before its too late!?

Participants: 6 Maximum
Difficulty: DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockHalfDifficultyLockEmpty


Sacred Lotus

Can you recover the lotus and will you choose fortune or honor?

Participants: 8 Maximum
Difficulty:  DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockEmpty


Becoming Butch Cassidy

Get into the bank, find the cash, and get out. Easy right?

Participants: 8 Maximum
Difficulty:  DifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockFullDifficultyLockEmpty

What our Customers are saying


Absolutely the best!!!!  Loved Derailed!
— Anthony B (5-star)


What a fun place! A unique and challenging room with a humorous theme. Friendly, helpful owners. Definitely recommend!!
— cosfan (5-star)


Very clean and beautiful decor. The owners are nice and professional. We have done all 3 rooms and enjoyed each one thoroughly. One of the best escape rooms in the springs!
— LB Adventurers (5-star)


So much fun! Amazingly well set up room. Highly recommended!
— Tina G (5-star)


Wife and I tried this place on a whim (and it was our first escape room) and had a great time! We’ll definitely check out their others!
— Robert D (5-star)


Great puzzles, awesome set up, friendly game master. All the things you could hope for in an escape room! We’ll be back!
— Stacy B (5-star)



The short answer is everyone can play! Teams at 21 Keys Escapes are composed of friends, families, gamers, coworkers, tourists, visitors, and couples!
Playing with a group is fun, however, most of our escape rooms can even be tackled by an individual.

Please note, our puzzles are meant to be CHALLENGING to ADULTS.  Children are welcome to come play, however, we do require at least one
paying adult (18 or older) be present in the escape room at all times.

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