Becoming Butch Cassidy


1880s Old West.  Every day is a struggle.  But hearing a large deposit just arrived at the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, Colorado, made for an easy choice: join up with Robert LeRoy Parker and liberate that cash!

Luckily, you know the night guard, One-Eyed Pete. For a cut of the riches, he has agreed to leave the front door unlocked so your gang can get in and out undetected.  You just have to work through the bank manager’s clues and break into the area’s most secure vault. No problem, right?

Do you think you can make off with the cash before time runs out?

8 Participants Maximum
Difficulty: DifficultyLockEmpty
Recommended minimum age: 12
Private? Yes. It will be just your team!
Scary? No. Except maybe the mouse.
Realistic? Definitely.

*** Accessibility – Due to a narrow passage way, Becoming Butch Cassidy is not wheel chair accessible ***