Eddie’s great-grandfather loved to tell the story of his treasured gold. His train journey took him all across Colorado as he looked for the most secure place to hide his riches after the 1800s Gold Rush.

Unfortunately, his traincar was derailed and his gold was lost forever.

What a coincidence… you’ve known Eddie since you were kids! You’ve already heard this story.  Too bad he moved to Greenland. 

Now your team has hiked to the Red Canyon Trailhead and found the derailed traincar, but what’s next?  Can you get in the train?  Could this story possibly be real?  And if it is, can you find the treasure?

6 Participants Maximum
Recommended minimum age: 12, and all participants must use stairs.
Private? Yes.  It will be just your team!
Scary? No.  Except for the howling coyotes.
Realistic? Yes.  Just like being in the woods… with squirrels.

*** Accessibility – All members of the team must be able to use stairs and at least one member of your team must be able to crawl on their hands and knees ***