There is an old Asylum on the outskirts of town that hasn’t been operational for over 2 decades. Several disappearances have baffled the town over the last several years. Rumor has it that a murderer, once a resident of this very asylum, has returned and started using the old hospital as a hideout.

Others are convinced that the place is haunted by the ghosts of old patients, but these are just scary stories, right? Probably just a few runaways?

Well, you and some curious friends have decided to find out, but just as you start looking around, you become separated. What started as curiosity has turned to fear. Now you need to find your friends and get out of this place before it’s too late. 

NOTE: Your team will start the room separated into two groups.

6 Participants Maximum
Recommended minimum age: 12.
Private? Yes.  It will be just your team!
Scary? Not scary, but the room is designed to be a little creepy.
Realistic? Yes.

*** Accessibility and Notes – This room uses loud sounds and flashing lights that could adversely affect people with noise or sound sensitivities. At least one team member needs to be able to enter a smaller space. The room contains a set of medical encyclopedias which contain drawings of human anatomy and physiology. ***