The Sacred Lotus


The Sacred Lotus is an ancient Japanese artifact that brings peace, honor, and happiness to whomever possesses it… and is coveted by museums worldwide.

Your mission?  Your team has been sent to a small village deep in rural Japan to recover the Sacred Lotus. It is hidden in a garden, near the tea house of a humble Japanese family. Certainly, they don’t need it… right?

Your reward?  The lotus is worth millions and the prestigious Denver Natural History Museum is expecting you to deliver it soon. Recovering the Sacred Lotus will mean a huge boost to your career, and your pocketbook!

Your choice:  The museum wants the lotus, but the family wants to keep it. Will you ultimately choose fortune? Or honor?

8 Participants Maximum
Recommended minimum age: 12
Private? Yes. It will be just your team!
Scary? No
Realistic? Always. But don’t drink the tea…