Project Iceworm


The year: 1954.  Elvis, poodle skirts, and… Project Iceworm? In Greenland, U.S. Army base Camp Century was known to the public as a “science station”. It’s classified mission: build missile launch sites deep under the ice. But the top-secret base was abandoned in 1966, it’s legacy entombed forever in the ice… until now.

What could go wrong?  Everything. Ice melts. Project Iceworm was declassified. People are racing toward Camp Century. And the nefarious ones are looking for more than just a souvenir.

You got there first.  But do you know how to neutralize nuclear warheads?

6 Participants Maximum
Recommended minimum age: 12
Private? Yes.  It will be just your team!
Scary? No.  However, this escape is played in semi-darkness and flashlights will be provided.
Realistic? Very. But there’s no ice. Or missiles.